Bangladesh has witnessed a high rate of economic growth in recent years. However, a vast section of its population is still financially excluded - they do not have access to services of formal financial institutions. Due to the strong correlation between financial exclusion and poverty and inequality, the Government of Bangladesh has made financial inclusion an integral part of its growth strategy. Banks operate a number of channels through which they deliver financial services: branches, ATMs and the Internet are the traditional channels. But none of these formal channels can offer banking services to a large number of unbanked areas. The Agent Banking option offers a new and convenient channel through which banks can extend services at an affordable cost. Bangladesh Bank has issued a set of agent banking guidelines allowing banks to employ agents to expand their outreach. The objective behind the Agent Banking model is to ensure greater financial inclusion and increasing the outreach of the banking sector.


DOER provides an end-to-end agent banking ecosystem including the technological infrastructure and the agent network. Our agent banking services enable banks to financially include the underserved and unserved masses by offering them a bouquet of financial services like savings, deposits, insurance and remittance through a pan Bangladesh network. Through its network of agents, DOER provides banking services in areas where bank does not have sufficient incentive or capacity to establish formal branches. DOER deploys this network of agents once the concerned bank officially appoints DOER as its Master Agent. DOER thus bridges the gap between a bank and its customers by making banking services more easily accessible to people in rural and urban areas alike.

DOER is created with a goal to help revolutionize the financial sector. By offering a wide array of banking services including deposits, withdrawals, transfers and payments through its agents DOER eliminates the need for customers to travel to a physical location to carry out transactions.

Doer is a fintech base organization and doer manages several projects. Here is the list of some projects of Doer Services PLC:
  • SMS Banking
  • Agent Banking
  • DOER Pay Point(DPP)
  • Unified Messaging Platform (UMP)
  • Learning Management System(LMS)
  • Remittance Platform
  • Payments Systems
  • Private Cloud.


    DOER is the authorized Master Agent for Agrani Bank Limited for its agent banking operations.

    Agrani-DOER is the official name given to agent baking service provided by DOER, the appointed Master Agent of Agrani Bank Limited.

    DOER has been given the mandate by Agrani Bank Limited to deploy and manage a nationwide network of agents who will provide products and services offered by Agrani Bank Limited.

    This is the first of its kind in Bangladesh where a Commercial Bank is poised to offer agent banking services to a very large number of people.

    DOER feels extremely proud to become an important part of this endeavor, and believes that it will live up to the expectation bestowed on it by Agrani Bank Limited.

    With 921 branches Agrani Bank has got a very large client base in rural/semi-rural settings. Agrani caters to No Frills account (also known as Taka 10 accounts) holders as well.

    However, a large number of these clients cannot use bank services due to distance, cost, and other issues. DOER agents aim to bridge this gap and promote loan products, deposits, remittance, financial literacy et cetra to these existing clients.

    DOER will appoint agents in every area where Agrani Bank does not have any branch. These agents will bring in new clients from these un-served areas.

    DOER will also bring the total population of Chittagong Hill Tracts under agent banking network. Presently Agrani Bank has very limited operations there.

    Women entrepreneurs and small enterprises will be a major focus when DOER promotes Agrani loan products in the target areas.

    Now 200 agents successfully operate their business with Agrani Doer banking. Now Agrani Doer expensation their agent number into 400.


    DOER (ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company) was formed as a business entity with a purpose to work with financial sector of Bangladesh for extending the coverage of institutional banking facilities to all people with the help of technology. We, the organizations and people behind DOER, are very much aligned with the identification of bankers and regulators of Bangladesh that the current banking facilities coverage in Bangladesh is skewed in many senses – institutional banking covers only a meagre portion of people of Bangladesh and the platforms and technology that are being used in extending the coverage have inherent technological, economic and social limitations – they are fragmented, not optimized in the sense of cost in Bangladesh perspective and we do not own them or can control them.

    In this backdrop of “skewedness” DOER was formed as a result of collaboration from bankers, technologists and end users to build a robust, top of the line technology platform for building, implementing and maintaining banking alternative channels that can reach every corner of Bangladesh and that is owned by Bangladesh.


    As evidenced by the present state of banking industry in Bangladesh, extending banking facilities to all corners of a population is a problem that cannot be solved by only one discipline; It requires bankers, technologists, distribution management specialists with proven track record who will work together and solve the problem in a cross discipline fashion. DOER’s formation took the same ideal path and a number of business entities from North America and Bangladesh joined together to form DOER.

    Spectrum Engineering Consortium Ltd. – A Dhaka, Bangladesh based Information Technology Company established in 1995. SECL is one of the very few select companies of Bangladesh with a dexterous expertise both in software services (design, development, implementation and service) and infrastructure services (data networks, telecom networks, data centres and managed services). With its long track record in Bangladesh and outside - a significant portion of that being in financial sector - SECL brings in the service delivery capability for Celloscope Platform.

    Adaptive Enterprise Ltd. – A Dhaka, Bangladesh based software development company established in 2005 to serve both local and overseas clients with expertise in large scale web, desktop and service oriented application development. AEL also develops mobile application that securely connects to back end services for banking to home automation industries. AEL bought forth the expertise behind the elegance and simplicity of Celloscope Platform’s end-user device and application user experience.

    Distributed Intelligence Inc. – A New York, USA based software technology platform provider established in 2011 by lead architects and product designers for intelligent automated trading systems in Wall Street. DI builds soft real time event processing and analysis engine for hedge funds, ad network and telecom clients in USA and outside of USA. DII is the key force behind the high performance, scalable and top of the line architecture and core software framework of Celloscope Banking Platform.

    Celloscope Ltd. – A Dhaka, Bangladesh based software-system Developer Company established in 2014 by professionals with long track record of designing and developing large system solutions locally and globally. Celloscope comes with the enabler role so that the reach of DOER’s technology platform extends to people everywhere.

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    Corporate Office: 5/5 (2nd Floor), Gaznabi Road, Mohammadpur, Dhaka - 1207, Bangladesh.
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